Archery: Is it an Expensive Hobby to Persue?

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So you want to take up archery, but what is stopping you? Maybe you are wondering if it is not too expensive to take up as a good hobby. A fact is that once you pick up a bow and shoot the first arrow into a target, you will love the magical moment. The arrow soars through the air, and even if it finds dirt for the first try, it is thrilling. So to answer your question makes sure to read on.

Do you need a lot of money to take up archery?

Maybe you want to try archery and want to become the next Robin Hood. The fact is it is easy to get started. You need to find the time, the right equipment, and a place to shoot. The truth is it is easier than what you think. Another reality is the costs can vary from one archer to another.

The problem is there are different types and styles of archery and depends on the archery that interests you. If you want to take part in tournaments, you need to consider the travel expenses, tournament costs, the latest gear & equipment and does not come cheap.

However, if you only want to spend some time in the woods with friends you need a bow, arrows, and free time. This form of archery is less expensive as well. Therefore, to answer the question it all depends on how pricey you plan to make it.

The important thing is to look around for online sales and pick up a bow for half the price the salesman would have sold it in the archery shop. The salesperson works on commission and will most likely sell you the most expensive gear and bow in the shop.

Archery Equipment Costs

You do not need to start with an expensive bow, as it does not make you a better shooter. The truth is it takes a lot of practice, and you will spend more money on your arrows. As an intermediate level archer, you can find a reasonably priced bow to start practicing your shooting. As you develop your skills, you can always consider buying archery equipment that is more expensive when you do become a pro at it.

Furthermore, unlike other hobbies such as using a firearm, archery has fewer maintenance costs if you keep your bowstring and bow lubed at all times. You can place your bow in its case for a long time, and it will be ready to use when you are. The only thing you will pay for is the yearly costs for club fees.

Compared to other sports and leisure pursuits, archery is not that expensive once you build up your archery equipment and gear. The truth is you can find a range to shoot at for a reasonable fee of thirty dollars. There are indoor ranges and archery clubs with reasonable prices as well.

Gear prices

Archery is a unique occupation, as it comprises of different pieces of gear you can mix and match. You can buy the parts separately and budget according to your needs. With time you can upgrade any of the equipment the better you get at the sports. Another fantastic thing is you can find many second-hand bows and gear sold at different suppliers online.

What Do You Need?

As an entry-level archer, you will need to get some gear, a place to practice, and most important participate in archery lessons. All of these things may sound expensive but does not have to be. Luckily, you can custom-tailor your equipment to fit in with your budget.

If you do have a limited budget, you can consider taking up traditional archery that is cost-effective and a great way to practice. The gear you need is minimal and some of it you can even make yourself. Compared to a traditional bow using a compound bow is a bit more expensive, but you can find some inexpensive ones available online.

archery costs

How much do archery lessons cost?

The next costs to consider are taking archery lessons instead of shooting in your backyard. However, if you do have limited funds, you can always buy some 3D targets and set it up at home to practice saving you some costs. Alternatively, you can find affordable public archery ranges and clubs to join. Ask them what their entry fees are to give you an idea what it might cost. Membership of a local club for a year can be as low as $100, and $10 per visit. 

Furthermore, when you are getting started the best solution is to visit your local archery shop to check out the available gear before buying. Get some help with what you will need and buy it online at a reasonable price by shopping around.


Find the Time to Practice

Practice makes perfect in any sports, and the same applies to field archery and other types. You need to make time to be able to shoot that arrow into the target. You need to set priorities, and a fact is the hobby has many health benefits as well. It will help you to reduce your stress, improve your focus, and you can spend time with the family in the backyard practicing. There is no need for shooting for hours. You only need half an hour of your time to keep you in form, and it doesn’t need to be boring or repetitive, but can be fun shooting arrows for practice.


We hope the information helps you to realize that it does not cost a fortune to take up archery as a hobby. However, if you do have more inquiries look at the answers provided here to some of the questions asked by our followers.

How much does a bow cost?

As mentioned before the costs of archery can vary and depends on the type of bow you use. You get the compound bow that is more expensive compared to a longbow or Recurve bow. The reasons are that the cam and other components differently designed. Luckily, with the latest technology available these bows are coming down in price. You can find a Recurve bow selling for $150 or less.

Is Target Archery Expensive?

This all depends if you are planning to take part in tournaments and the costs can vary. In most cases, the competitions kept at a low price point, as they want to encourage archers to compete. Another target archery form that is not expensive is 3D archery. The only costly expenditure for 3D archery is if you’re going to get targets to use in the backyards. There is of course to make your own DIY archery targets. One of the most inexpensive forms of archery uses traditional bows, such as the longbow which you can find for $100 – $200. The most expensive part is the bow itself, and a set of arrows can be purchased as a much lesser cost.

Does Archery Tag Cost a Lot?

The equipment for archery tag or combat archery is quite different from regular archery. It really depends on the size of play area and how many people will be playing. You can certainly start off without too much expense, but for a large group, it could prove costly. It may be better to hire the gear you need if it is just something you do occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the simple answer is field archery, target archery, and other forms is as expensive as you make it. It doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby. We hope the guide helps you to understand that the costs can vary depending on the sports you do. If you want to take up archery as a hobby, our advice is to stop worrying about how expensive it may be and get involved in the sport. The fantastic thing is you can spend your money on a bow and kit that your budget allows, but the cost of equipment is likely to be the biggest outlay . Furthermore, you can always upgrade the equipment later the more advanced you become. Also, if you want to learn with others, you could also join an archery club and if you wish to take up the sport competitively, and once you are an experienced archer, you could find yourself in either a local or world archery tournament.



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