Combat Archery: Does it really hurt that bad?

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Archery has come a long way from standing at a range and shooting at a target. Alternatively, it is not only used for hunting these days, as there is a new sport for bow shooters to participate in called combat archery. What makes it so unique is it is a great team building experience for all to partake in from seven years and up. So does combat archery hurt and what is it?

Combat Archery – What Is It?

Depending on the combat archery, you decide to participate in you can find an Archers Arena close to you. The sport is new and similar to dodge ball; the only difference is you use your bow and arrows. What people shoot you with arrows! There is no need of stressing as the arrows have foam tips.

archery tag

The game takes up to an hour and once there you will hear different shooters, making various comments that are sure to uplift your spirits without making you feel uncomfortable. You can take part in different game modes from playful archery tag to more advanced themes.

The coaches will inform you how to use the safety gear properly, nock your arrows, aim at targets, handle the bow, and shoot with confidence. By the end of going through all the steps, putting on your facemask, arm guards, and chest protectors, you feel pumped up and ready for action.

Once you are on the court, the coach will explain how the arena and game mode works. You are divided into two teams and stand at separate ends of the arena. The coach will start counting and once reaching one, everyone dashes to the middle to grab their arrows and low their bows to start the first round of the archery game.

Once you knock your arrow and get your first hit, it feels incredible, and you are hooked on the game. However, while the game is new to the modern world, people used to play archery tag centuries ago. The fantastic thing is the game you can play indoors or outdoors.

Is combat archery safe?

Furthermore, you can even set it up at home for a great afternoon of entertainment for family and friends. The game consists of ten people at the most and safe enough for all to take part in. When doing combat archery, the arrows pierce through a board while archery tag uses a foam tip arrow and will not penetrate through the body.

To protect the face from a bow injury, you wear a facemask and clear to the eye level to see. There are holes to prevent you from suffocating, and you need to remember to inhale and exhale while playing the game. You can even partake while wearing spectacles but better to remove them if you can still see without them.

Furthermore, all it takes is too be precise and aim at the right person to shoot quickly. All you need to do is shoot at the upper body and collect all the arrows lying on the floor to prepare for an attack.

Benefits of Combat Archery

For team building combat archery provides you with the following:

  • Helps works on communication skills and in turn, it learns people to listen and understand
  • Aids in strategizing, leadership, teamwork, and more
  • It is fun as people are in a friendly war zone to break away from the seriousness of daily office routine
  • Teaches you to be precise and makes you accurate at what you do even if it is shooting an arrow
  • Furthermore, it gives you an excellent workout as everyone works together

Each group needs to come up with a plant and leaders delegate each player’s role. Some archers will be hiding and remain hidden while the others collect arrows. The purpose is that everyone needs to have the same goal whether it is to win or shoot as many targets as possible.

The Basic Rules of Archery Tag

As mentioned you need up to ten players to take part in archery tag with five players on each side. The players stand in the safe zone at the end of the arena, and the game starts with the same number of players on each team. The goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing players to get them out, or you need to score the most points.

All the players need to remain in the boundary lines and may only leave it through the end line to retrieve stray arrows. Furthermore, players must return through their end line. All shooters must wear the mask to protect the face, and each game starts with the bows placed on the end line and the arrows in the safe zone.

Once signaled the players rush to get the arrows and return to the attack zone to start shooting opponents. The rules are as follow:

  • You are still alive if you are in the attack zone and you can only shoot or get shot by someone in the attack zone.
  • If you are in the safe zone, no one can shoot you, and you cannot shoot anyone.
  • You are only permitted in the safe zone to retrieve arrows and must return to the attack zone.
  • Furthermore, all players must move at all times, and once in the safe zone you only have five seconds if you are longer in the area points deducted.

At the end of the time limit, the teams with the most players or targets shot are declared the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therefore, to answer the question is combat archery safe, YES it is. However, maybe you have other things related to tag archery on your mind. We are here to help with answering those questions for you.

What clothing should you wear?

You can wear anything that is comfortable for running and jumping, and sportswear is advisable. Furthermore, you do not need to have archery experience to enjoy the game.

Can you play bow arrow tag in lousy weather?

Yes, you can and depends on how many people are willing to participate. The gear is weatherproof as well.

How long does a game of combat archery last?

The game can last up to two hours with some games, but on average, it lasts up to 15-minutes.

Can you use your own bow?

If you plan to have fun with the game at home, you can use your own gear. However, if you do go to a combat archery arena, you are provided with all the necessary archery equipment to keep you safe.

We hope that the information here at helps you to understand the game of combat archery. As you can see, it is safe to participate so get the family and friends together and start playing a game of archery tag in the backyard today. Alternatively, you can find an archery arena close to you.


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