Archery for beginners – tips for getting started

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Do you want to get into archery but not sure where to begin? We know how you feel as you are excited to grab a crossbow and start shooting but do not know where to start as everything is confusing. To help you get to know the basics of archery, we put together some beginning archery tips. If you are new to archery, these instructions can help you start on the right footing to progress in the game providing you with accuracy with every shot.

#1 Find an Excellent Club with An Experienced Coach

You need the right archers to assist you from your stance to making shots from the start with precision. Every club has hunters who can teach you a different way of shooting an arrow. You can even find some old master shooter to take you further as you become more serious about the sport.

#2 Rent Equipment at First:

You can find a place to rent equipment free of charge if you are a novice or rent it for a small fee. First, try out the archery instead of spending loads of money on a compound bow or taking part in bow hunting if you will not continue with the sports.

#3 First, master the basic techniques of shooting a bow well:

To shoot an arrow, you find one method different from enough, and these are the essential steps you need to know:

  • Your posture and muscle memory,
  • Feet position,
  • Fingers placement,
  • Bow handle,
  • Anchor point,
  • Using your bow arm and bow hand,
  • Aiming,
  • Hand placement,
  • And release follow-through.

Once you master using the correct shooting form with the right draw weight for your bow, you can move on to improving your mental and physical fitness.

#4 Improve your physical condition:

If you want to become competitive, you need to pay attention to your eye coordination, upper body, back muscles, and arms to use your longbow well. The more power you have in the upper body, have greater control over your shot to hit the target.

#5 Patience is essential when training as a beginner:

Learn to safely shoot a bow and arrow to hit the center of the archery target, but this only happens after a few tries. Never expect to become a master as it takes years of learning archery to reach the competitive level.

beginners learning archery

#6 Choose the Correct Recurve and Compound Bow:

If you need to use your own equipment, select specialized beginner equipment for archery to help you with your training. Use an appropriately sized longbow with the right draw length that is not difficult to pull. Use arrows that are long enough to not stretch past the arrow rest when at full draw. You can consult the club you attend before purchasing at the archery shop.

#7 The old saying practice makes perfect:

You do not get a short fix to become a master archer. Put in hours of training and archery practice with the dedication to reach your goal. Further, try to practice with other people under competitive conditions.

#8 Make notes of your progress:

A good rule is to keep a record of your practice sessions and writing it down on how many arrows you shot, the weather condition, your score, and the minor adjustment made as it allows you to progress.

#9 Make fun of it:

Learn from your mistakes with the right attitude to make your archery enjoyable to hit the target and take a deep breath to prevent target panic.

#10 Know When You Should Call it a Day

Knowing when you had enough is good. If you are in a bad mood, hungry, or the muscles are flagging, then stop to draw the bow. By continuing is not counterproductive if your head is not in a mental or physical mind. Remember, when things are not running smoothly, best to leave the task be. When you practice, it is good to train with a good form.


I'm Isaac Murphy and at the moment I am a student. I took up archery as a hobby about 3 years ago and built this blog to share some of the things I have learned and to help those starting out in this sport. Check out my bio here

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