Best Archery Bows Reviewed in 2024


Archery takes commitment and hard work to become skilled with your bow. However, it is one of the most gratifying activities when you have everything you need.

Once you master the basics of archery, practicing comes naturally. With time and a great deal of patience, the reward is excellent. Furthermore, the first and essential thing is to buy the best archer bows to get your started, from recurves to compound bows and other types too.

In this guide, you will find some of the best archery gear to help enhance your skills and take care of your bow. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases.

Best Recurve Bows

AF 58-inch Take Down Recurve Hunting Bow


The AF Take down Recurve Hunting Bow is a masterpiece. The hunting bow has a bamboo and fiberglass construction making it comfortable to use and good looking at the same time.

The bows made for right-hand users and not for use with light arrows. Therefore, make sure to make the arrow weight more than the load of the bow by multiplying it with 0.6.

Alternatively, if you are new to archery and tall make sure to check your draw length as the Recurve Hunting Bows draw length. You can find the bow available in draw lengths ranging from 25 – 55 lbs.

What we like:

  • The quality of the material
  • Reasonable price

What we did not like:

  • In honesty, nothing but you need to check your draw weight if you are tall

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AF 20 Handmade Recurve Bow


The Crimea Tartar Recurve Bow is ideal to use for archery and hunting. You get short and fast shots with the Red Rosewood Bamboo and black fiberglass construction.

Furthermore, it has a cow leather and pearlfish skin riser as well. The total length of the bow and string is 49.21-inches with a max draw length of 32-inches. The poundage is between 20-50 lbs, and the brace height is 17cm.

On the other hand, the Lamination Bows made well and light in your hand. You can use it to take down Elk or Deer with the fast speed.

What’s more, the Recurve bow is vibration free and can maintain accuracy without feeling any shock.

What we like:

  • Handmade with affordable price
  • Almost vibration free
  • The hand trucks ergonomically designed

What we did not like:

  • A bit noisy but you can solve this using a silencer

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Tongtu Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

The Tongtu archery sets made for beginners and athletes for competitions. The bow is well made and comfortable in your hand with the weight making it easy to carry.

You can use it for hunting as well with the aluminum alloy riser while the sandwich comprises of double-layered hard and thin wood.

Therefore, it offers you a high strength with comfortable pull and excellent elasticity. Furthermore, you can select your color from red, blue to black and has a draw weight between 20lbs – 34lbs.

The bow length is 65-inches with a max draw length of 32-inches, and the brace height is 8.3-inches. On the other hand, the recurve bows made for right-hand shooters and comes with everything you need to get into the game.

Included you get a six-piece replaceable field point fiberglass arrows/fluorescence carbon arrows, bow sight, bowstringer tool, finger guard, arm guard, bow stabilizer, and bow case.

What we like:

  • Reasonable price for everything included
  • Hefty smooth draw
  • Sturdy and comes with a good bow stringer with suede cushioning

What we did not like:

  • Could not find anything wrong with it and ideal for any beginner to start with

As you can see these are some of the best archery bows available for any beginner to intermediate user. However, you also need some accessories to make your shooting simpler as well. Here you can find some of the most exquisite archery accessories to get you started.

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Best Compound Bows

XGear Right Hand Compound Bow

While the XGear RH Compound Bow is not ready to shoot out of the box, it is ideal for beginners to start improving their hunting skills.

The hunting bows well engineered, durable, and safe for any beginner to use. The draw weight is between 50 – 70 lbs with a draw length of 25-inches to 31-inches.

While on the low side compared to other Compound Bows, the XGear offers you a speed of 310 FPS with a let-off of 75%. The weight is light at 4.4 lbs and comes with a 31.5-inch axle to axle. Furthermore, the brace height is 7.5-inches.

The incredible thing is you can regulate the draw weight and length without using a bow press only an Allen wrench. Even the material is high-quality aluminum.

What we like:

  • You get a complete kit with fiber optic sight, arrow rest, release aid, peep sight, and more included
  • Adjusts easy
  • Sturdy design at an affordable price

What we do not like:

  • We recommend you do not use the string wax as it is crossbow lubricant and not the same as bowstring wax

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Leader Accessories Compound Bow

The compound bow from Leader Accessories is sure to give you long-lasting durability and is an excellent all around compound bow. The engineering of the bows made for target practice and hunting.

The draw weight is around 50lbs – 70lbs with a draw length of 25-31-inches that is smooth. Similar to the XGear is offers you a max speed of 310 FPS. The let-off is from 75%-80%.

Furthermore, it has an aluminum riser, and we recommend you sue it with 30-inch carbon arrows or 30-inch aluminum ones. Adjusting the draw length is quick by removing the screw and placing it on the desired draw length.

However, the screws do come lose and best to take it when putting it back. You get a complete kit with everything you need to get started with a year warranty on the bow.

What we like:

  • Affordable and comes with everything you need
  • Lightweight
  • Great for target shooting and hunting

What we do not like:

  • The screws for adjusting the draw length loosens

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Diamond Infinite Compound Bow

The Infinite Edge Pro you get with loads of features for any beginner archer. Attached to the bow you have twin elliptical cams for a swift draw making it trouble-free to use.

The back walls stiff and aids any new archer to find the anchor point with ease and a fantastic choice to improve your archery skills.

Furthermore, the draw weight is 5lbs – 70lbs and ideal for beginner to intermediate use. As a new archer, you can start with the 35lbs weight and work up gradually to more.

Alternatively, you can set the draw weight at 13-inches for low-end use and 31-inches for long end use. Therefore, it is perfect for kids measuring four foot and adults with a height of 6 foot 5-inches.

However, we recommend you try one out before you buy as the measurements approximated and it weighs 3.2lbs.

What we like:

  • Resourceful bow
  • Comes with a soft case with all accessories to get started

What we do not like:

  • Update the peep sight as it is not the best one available

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Final Thoughts

So, if you are in the market for a new bow and want to make sure you get the best one possible, be sure to check out the products we have listed above. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and compiled some of the highest quality bows on the market so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. With such a wide variety available, we are confident that there is something for everyone here. Happy hunting!



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